Here’s my #ArtvsArtist!
Do you think I look like my characters? Some people say I do!


Some of these are available on VictoriaThorpeArt.etsy.com and VictoriaThorpe.Redbubble.com


I came 3rd place!

I got 3rd Prize in Acrylics for my Queen of Hearts painting last week! Very exciting as I never win anything! (some people find my art a little weird!)

Sherwood Art Week this weekend and next week! My art is in the windows of the Robin Hood Pub until 28th June
Also I have more artwork at the Sherwood Methodist Church 26th – 28th June.
(Friday 26th June 10am – 5pm, Saturday 27th June – 10am – 5pm and Sunday 28th June 1pm – 5pm)

What’s your favourite artwork of mine?

Please can you take a moment to answer this quick question?

I’m getting some new prints and was wondering which was your favourite artwork of mine.

you can pick as many as you like!

if you have any suggestions on anything related to my artwork, products you would like to see my art on or future artwork suggestions please feel free to message, comment me or email me at enquiries@victoriathorpe.co.uk

Thank you! x