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Elven Princess – progress photos and completed painting

Elven Princess low res

Hey guys! I want to show you a step by step of how I created my “Elven Princess” painting!

All my progress photos have come from my Instagram page @VictoriaThorpeArt. If you’d like to see work in progress photos as I go please give me a follow!

The beautiful @WonderfullyWackyWebster on Instagram kindly let me use her as a model – be sure to check out her profile, she’s so cool!


When I first saw the photo I knew she would make a beautiful Elven Princess! I then started to sketch changing a few features and adding a head piece! Below is my finished sketch which I then transferred onto watercolour paper.


I then decided on a colour scheme. I decided to go for a bright spring colour scheme and tested my colours on paper to make sure I was making the right choice with colours!


Next I used masking fluid to mask out the headpiece and earring as I knew it would be hard to keep these areas free of paint when painting the hair!
For the background I used a mop brush to add lots of water then I added 2 shades of green and pink. I left the paint to naturally dry to create this cool texture that looks like blossom in the trees.


 I then used a flesh tone for the skin adding blue and black for shadows and crimson for the lips and cheeks. I also started to add other details to the face and started to build up purple and black on the dress.


I then started on the hair which took a long time as I wanted to create a mix of different shades of brown and add texture too. Next I painted the headpiece with yellow ochre with gold acrylic on top to make it shiny!


And here’s the finished painting! Prints are available in my Etsy Shop and my Redbubble Shop has many different products you can have her printed onto!
The original is also available, please contact me for details! enquiries@VictoriaThorpe.co.uk

Elven Princess low res


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dreamcatcher copyright

“Dreamcatcher” Watercolour and Tea!

Inspired by my sisters dreamcatchers that she makes which are available in our Etsy Shop

Something nice and colourful for these dark winter days!


My art as cross stitch!

Yes! My first cross stitch designs are out! Thank you so much to A Cross Stitch Fantasy for having me as one of their artists!

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Sherwood Art Week Photographs!

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