A bit of modelling!

So this year I did a bit of modelling for my friend Adam Gizmo Photography! I just wanted to share a few photos with you and tell you about Adams photography too! I love dressing up so I bought a big bag full of goodies with me to the studio!

I asked Adam if he had anything to say for the blog and this is what he said:

“Photography isn’t just about taking photos, it’s about being different, imaginative and standing out. Anyone can press a button and that’s a good picture but it takes someone with a good eye and looking at the world in a different way to capture a great shot. There are so many different art forms that can closely be entwined with each other; looking at a photo can be art, can be a sculpture, can be graphic art, can be anything but you have to open your mind and see relations and differences in them.”

Gothic and Lindsey Stirling Inspired Shoot

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Emilie Autumn, Steampunk and Gothic Shoot

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Rock Chick Style Shoot

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About Adams past and influences:

“I’m a second year photography student, after passing my level one with a full distinction. I am into gothic, dark style and I get a lot of influence from churches and cathedrals. I’m learning so much in photography, I’ve met some brilliant fellow  photographers on the course and I been given some good advice that’s really helped me in my photography. I’ve been using the photography studio a lot recently so I get better and understand how all the equipment works and have had the privilege to work with some amazing models and I am honored to have worked with them to capture some outstanding shots. I’m always learning new and unique ways to make my work stand out and hope people like what I come up with.”

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