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How I created my Queen of Hearts Painting

I am going to show you my process of creating artwork and then creating them into products to sell online. Hopefully you guys can refer back to this to give you some help with your artwork!

Here is where I sell my artwork online:

The Brief

Create a Queen of Hearts Painting for the Queen of Hearts Collaboration Project on facebook (Created by the awesome Lauren C. Waterworth!)

The idea is for two artists to collaborate on an idea and then help each other to promote their work via social media and selling prints of the finished collaborative piece. This is open for all artists! Please click here to contact Lauren to take part!


I like to use pinterest to research.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.57.56


Here is a super rough idea I sketched.


I didn’t like it so much so I started again and ended up creating a much better character.

qoh sketch

**My inspirations: The Queen of Hearts herself! Harley Quinn, Emilie Autumn and Maria Brink**


now it’s time to transfer her onto canvas paper and get ready to paint her!


All done!

The Finished piece with Lauren C. Waterworth

This is a collaboration between Victoria Thorpe and Lauren C. Waterworth as part of the Queen of Hearts Collaboration Project.

To see more of Victoria Thorpe please visit this site:
To see more of Lauren C Waterworth please visit this site:

You can also take part in the collaboration yourself by contacting Lauren

Uploading to my RedBubble Shop

The next step is to upload to my Redbubble online store. Take a look for some examples of the products I sell. Heres a few products bought from the store!


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