Make us a fairy commission

I am currently taking on commissions! Please be aware that in busy periods (such as Christmas) There is a waiting list, so please get your commissions booked in as soon as possible!

I can draw and paint anything you wish! I can copy from photographs – family and pet portraits, landscapes, a creative vision you may have, book illustrations, parodies or maybe you would like to request me to create my own version of a character such as the Queen of Hearts!

I will be able to guide you through the process so don’t worry if you’re not sure what exactly you would like. These are the basic things I will ask for:

  • Size – I usually work around A4 or A3 but I can pretty much do any size or measurement
  • Medium – I work in watercolour, acrylic paint, pencil, inks, Pro-Marker pens, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. I can do digital too, but I do have basic skills!
  • Style – realistic? cartoon? rough? maybe you like a style of a painting I have already done!
  • Subject – anything you like!
  • Deadline – if there is a deadline please let me know so I can get it finished in time for the special date!
The Morrigan Originally a “go wild” Commission piece!

Characters and Copyright

I am most happy creating my own characters based on your ideas or maybe you want me to go wild and create my own interpretation!

Sometimes I get requests to paint a copyrighted characters. I am only happy to create artwork based on copyrighted characters if:

  • It’s a parody (such as my Wednesday Addams Christmas card design)
  • A reimagined version (such as my Queen of Hearts painting)
  • Done in my own style (like my cute Cheshire Cat painting)

I will not do copies of characters for money, I create these for fun or gifts for people I know as it is against the law to make profit from someone else’s idea or character. Sorry!

I also own the copyright to all the artwork I create which means I can reproduce and share the image anywhere (unless otherwise discussed or created for commercial use) There are  exceptions to this of course with personal portraits I will always ask about reproducing and sharing images!

The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts


Unfortunately I have had to make some rules for commissions. This is to protect me as an artist and other clients who are awaiting commissions.

Fortunately these problems are very rare as most clients are very trustworthy and excited to receive my artwork. I will be more than happy to deal with them again. I even send little gifts such as postcards or stickers to those who have been loyal customers!

A 20% deposit (non refundable) is required before starting any work with all artwork.

Transactions via BACS are free. Transactions via PayPal will be charged a one off fee of £5 to pay for charges.

Full payment must be received before shipping artwork.

If payment isn’t received after an adequate time, usually around 2 weeks, I will send a couple of friendly reminders for payments.

I am pretty easy going, so if you would like to pay on a certain date or there is a legitimate reason why you can’t pay straight away, please let me know. We can agree on a date that suits you best!

Digital Commission
Digital Commission

If payment isn’t received after 1 month:

Clients will be offered a chance to pay via monthly payments to help with finances at no extra cost.

2 weeks after this and without a valid explanation for not paying, deposit will not be refunded and I am able to sell the artwork on and/or create prints and adverts due to loss of earnings and time spent on the piece.

If the client who previously didn’t pay wishes to purchase a commission from me in the future, I may ask for a higher deposit or the payment in full before starting any work. This is dependant on the circumstances and is because I do not wish the client to pull out on me again. I will however treat them the same as any other client and I will only be happy with the finished piece when the client is 100% happy. 🙂